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Domestic abuse and homelessness could happen to anyone. When you are in this situation you loose yourself and you feel shame, hopelessness, guilt, loss of self-esteem and loss of hope.
I know this, I was one of them 7 years ago.

The I Shine Project raises money and awareness for women that have gone through domestic violence and or homelessness—because I believe every person deserves to SHINE in their own light.

I have experienced this myself first hand. I came from a verbally and mentally abusive marriage, one day my husband forced me out of our home with my youngest son, at the time he was 6 years old. I had 5 thousand dollars, no job, no where to live and a beaten down self-esteem., I can relate to never feeling good enough— my soul had been beaten down to the ground.


The I SHINE Project provides a full day experience in my studio of some much needed pampering for these women. 


 I’m very passionate about making each person who walks in and out of my studio realize how special they truly are in the reflection of the best portrait they’ve ever seen of themselves.


Her I SHINE day begins with a beauty makeover in the hands of a professional hair and makeup artist while relaxing and enjoying a glass of champagne. Once her outer transformation is complete, she’ll spend the rest of the day living the life of a Cover Girl model, I will help and direct posing for her portraits while draped in gorgeous designer gowns and getting back her inner light. 


Let’s come together and help build her self-esteem and self worth. 

Let’s bring back the SHINE in her eyes when she experiences herself transformed on camera. 

Let’s remind her that she’s good enough and strong enough through this magazine style portrait experience. My mentor Sue Bryce said - When we look good we feel good, when we feel good we look good.

Most of all, let’s show her she’s not alone when we come together at her in studio reveal—the moment she see’s her portraits for the first time and it hits her: She is beautiful. She is strong and she is not alone.

In this experience she’ll receive a beautiful keepsake folio box of 10 matted portraits with full digital rights, self-esteem and an inner transformation—feeling beautiful again—PRICELESS.

I’m doing this at cost and asking for donations to raise $1000 towards each woman's experience of the I SHINE Project. ( The value of this portrait experience is $2000 )
Read and watch the I SHINE story of the first woman Lori and her dog Spyder that is going to go through this experience. It’s time to come together as a community and help these much deserving souls transform back into confidant, independent, self assured women. 


Please press Donate Here to raise money for this important project.
You are welcome to use your full name or stay Anonymous, any size donation is appreciated.

Thank you for helping change a life and bringing SHINE back into her eyes! If you’d like to learn more ways to help, check out Leap to Success. An organization I personally support that helps women who have been homeless and or victims of domestic violence get back on their feet and into the workforce.

Thank you for your support.


I can’t wait to see you at the next I SHINE reveal!